Terminator 2: The Judgement day 3D

When you hear the music of hammer beating the steel, and clanking like you heard in a big industrial factory with the beat that almost syncs with fast beating heartbeat, you know who is coming, because he has promised it, he promised that he’ll be back.   Yes, I am talking about Terminator, specifically, Terminator… Continue reading Terminator 2: The Judgement day 3D

the stupidest guide to suicide

It’s a very sensitive topic so I want you to sit down and keep it calm a bit. You are here because you want to suicide or you are tired of life and thinking of ending it all, godSo let me be clear at first, it’s not as easy as it seems. You see, it’s… Continue reading the stupidest guide to suicide

You don’t know me yet – #ATOZCHALLENGE

Robert Downey Jr’s Twitter profile says,You know who I am. It is so simple but yet so powerful, it’s show the simplicity and huge fan power. But I will not talk about him here, well it’s my blog. If you have read my blog from the beginning, you would start to feel now you know… Continue reading You don’t know me yet – #ATOZCHALLENGE

X- suicidal – #ATOZCHALLENGE

First let me confirm, I am not suicidal, it’s about story of my friend (and my x crush) which also includes me.  So in one fine afternoon, I was sleeping at my hostel, because it was friendship day celebration at college and no one will attend class so there is no need to get up… Continue reading X- suicidal – #ATOZCHALLENGE

Why do I write – #ATOZCHALLENGE

There is a line in Gujarati poem, which says, missed aim is acceptable, but not aiming low. Means if you try and failed, it’s fine but not aiming for excellence, or higher goal is unacceptable. I don’t quite remember when did I started writing, I remember I was little, I watched lion king cartoon and… Continue reading Why do I write – #ATOZCHALLENGE


Yes it sounds mouth full and little tongue Twister, but it’s my village name. It’s not a big village or not any particular way unique, but after all is where I spend my childhood so it’s my favorite palace in the world. Population around 4000, almost every cast of people live there happily, I have… Continue reading Vadaviyala – #ATOZCHALLENGE