Cheap way to survive IOS apocalypse

A few days ago, something unexpected happened, Not as much as unexpected but a page-turner. Millions of people watch it and millions more make a meme out of it. iPhone X is here. Suddenly everyone turns their eyes to the phone they are holding, Now it’s useless, its worthless compare to I phone X.Even after… Continue reading Cheap way to survive IOS apocalypse

Kilimanjaro thru my memory lane

I was really young, Snooping around the house, Snooping around the house, Finding things I have never seen. Books which was from world famous best seller, magazines which are instinct now. Newspaper turned yellow with headlines of great events, But my most favored were stamps. One day I found strange stamps, lots of it. It… Continue reading Kilimanjaro thru my memory lane

why La La Land was my worst nightmare?

  It was an awesome movie, beautifully crafted and directed. Music and background were soulful. The colors are gorgeous. The acting of the cast is what made this movie alive. But…   As Ned stark said everything before but, is a horse shit. Well not quite actually because this movie won Oscars. But what I… Continue reading why La La Land was my worst nightmare?

foolish little puppy got hit by a car

And my puppy got hit by a car, #iamsosad   She posted it on social network and notification started flooding. She is smiling as her number of reply increase.   Look, I don’t think it’s working anymore. The puppy looked at her with wonder. At the beginning, you were cute and make me laugh but… Continue reading foolish little puppy got hit by a car

phantom Faith

any man with sane mind won’t go there, I don’t know why people keep going in there. my mind was at someplace else when I was thinking about it, Amarnath yatra, one of the hardest terrain and extreme weather condition, it’s Siachen for a normal human being, you don’t just walk in there to the temple, you have to… Continue reading phantom Faith