So it’s the end of the month and boy I failed miserably to learn SEO.

Not that much but I need to spend more time on it but didn’t find that much and now after a month 3 post, I didn’t learn something new which I don’t know before.

I need to read and watch more video on SEO but instead of that I was watching movies and sleeping. Bad for completing my goal. But I still have 11 months.

I still didn’t realize what I want to learn for the next month so here is a post kind of celebrating of what I learned. I get one certificate from Udemy in a free SEO course. I learn a great deal from it but not something which I can apply here as on the WordPress blog I don’t have permission to change anything.

So will be back if I learn something new and to share new learning goal.





here is the certificate I got from Udemy, if you want to learn for free just visit Udemy Website 

you need to search for the topic you want to learn and then in filter put low to high in price and you will get the free course.