Sometime life sucks
I mean you have big window of opportunity but u don’t want to jump off, its not smart move when time is running out
Imagine there is a beautiful girl walking towards you
And you just looking her head to toe with semi cute full lusty eyes
And then u just let her go to someone else arm
There is simple theorem that if you like someone by looks its just attraction for a little time and then it fade away this daises call crush
Either you make her your so called girl friend until you not get bored
Or just let it be your crush whole life with label of FRIEND or my favorite is BEST FRIEND
In my case I afraid to make move
But she…ohh boy she is beautiful like god is wants to feel envy to other girls but just a little problem with wiring in her HEAD
I just want to let her know that I like her but I know it will break friendship and I don’t want to loss her because its too good to flirt with her
So here I am after 1 and half year want to say something to her with a letter
Lets it begin
Hey its me your arch enemy
I know you don’t want to talk with me or even want to see my face again but as I always say..i am not one of your sweet/two faced friend who lie to you with sweet words,you will always feel I am harsh to you and my biter words are always hurt you…but hey I am not a liar at least
So here I am confessing that I like you from the vary moment I saw you
Your beautiful face, curly hair and tom boy image just got me
but I never try to move forward to you because you lied a lot to me
its ok if you like someone else and what ever happen between you guys I don’t care but at least don’t share that romantic part with me after all I am your friend who likes you and its hurt I don’t know why but surely it is because after we talk I like to killed that guy
and when you guys fight and that “I am something”, jerks idiot don’t message you and don’t even talk to you,you came to me its like I am only one whom you share and a shoulder to cry
and you still not admit it to me that you were bf gf,you think am a little boy whom you lied and he believe it,
I warn you about him
I don’t know so much about him but I know about boys and that one is not like “long relationship guy” but you want to sail with a boat which has holes
And then your dreamfull titanic sink,all that romantic word he say,all promises he do and all the stuff he do for you is give you hell of a pain but my dear now I am a long long away from you,now I can’t help you
Now if I am smart and wants you as my gf,I have to be with you,listen to you and just make you laugh,it’s a very simple tricks to get girl coz its time for “loha garamhe,mardo hathoda”but I don’t do that
Your not that girl now whom I like,your change and always talk about him and always chase him,try to convince him but your just punching the smoke you will not get anything from that
And we also broke up(I call it broke up coz we have a little different relationship)
Now after more then 18 month things are change
You wants to show him how happy you are without him and try to make him jealous  to talk with other guys but dear it will not work it
And after almost 3 break up u said something I never forget
You are nothing to me
All the fun we share,all the fake fight we do.all the amazing flirts and we have also great chemistry you just forgot everything
Like I risk my self and call that guys home and get threated
Like we talk on the phone till 12 and sometime sms more then 1am
Like you say I am your best friends to everyone
That’s all disappears because of your big EGO
And from my side well I cant forget you back then but I know the secret now
The time I likes you ,I think about you
The time I hate you,I think about you
But now you have to move away from my brain coz I feel nothing about you so I don’t misses you
So dear smruti(of Corse name change but you will find out)
Tata bye bye from my life forever
A piece of advise-trust no one, special boys coz when times come they are just become hungry dogs
I liked you,I loved you for some moment,I hated you
But now I forgotten you
Your(tune mere jana,kabhinahijana)type crush
PS.once you have told me I am everything to you…
last thing you had say to me I am nothing to you… 
only god knows what is wrong with you..
cause where i can see..i see you need me the most