And my puppy got hit by a car, #iamsosad


She posted it on social network and notification started flooding.

She is smiling as her number of reply increase.


Look, I don’t think it’s working anymore. The puppy looked at her with wonder.

At the beginning, you were cute and make me laugh but now all you do is eat and shit.

Eat on my bed and shit on my carpet.

Where were you when I needed you the most?

Puppy walk to her with wagging the tail and try to put his little paw up to touch her.

No, she screams. The puppy got frightens and sit.

You were not there when I needed you the most when I looked at you with hope to get comfort.

You were busy chasing your own tail or running around.

Didn’t you feel that how much sad I was? How much alone I felt?

Little puppy bark out of amusement that what is going on.

No, I didn’t want to hear anything now, you have to go and she takes the lease and gets that puppy out.


Walking with him, she didn’t even look at him that he was literally being dragged.

From being unknown to his faith, that little puppy thought maybe it’s just for few hours then

Everything will be alright; after all, there was need of punishment because he didn’t do anything.


Standing at a busy crossroad, she takes out the lease and his collar, pick him up and put him in

The middle of the busy highway. it’s over she said. And without looking back she walks off.

There was a loud noise from behind, the horn honked and a “thud” sound.


Few of her best friends call her, try to make her happy and to make her get over him.

She was the talk of the moment for few days and everything is going normally for her.

Everyone has listened to her side of the story, everyone knows that her puppy got hit by a car.


But at his last moment, before that little puppy die, he was still thinking that it was a game,

And she wants her to chase her, he doesn’t know that an abandoned puppy could make her looks bad but not a dead one, cause no one listens to dead one’s side. She takes out the collar to make him a stranger and no one listen to a stranger.


You don’t need to hate her because she was doing what she thinks its right to do.

She was doing for her peace of mind because that puppy doesn’t read her mind.

It was that stupid puppy’s fault; he should have known when she needed him the most.

He should have known even she didn’t tell him.