I remember it perfectly, it was 25th January 2001, when I meet her the first time and fallen love with her at the same moment. Zanzi, my doggy.

It was some construction worker who bought her to my home and at the end of the day, I refuse to let her go. My father had one condition, you are going to take care of her. Actually I was little back then so I didn’t know it was her not he. But it didn’t matter even after.

Now raising a puppy is as same as a child. You need to take care of it with extreme delicately. I make little bed for her, bring a saucer for milk and water. I also clean her poop for few days. But as you know I was lazy. After a month, she was part of the family and every one take care of her.

Trust me when I say, she was a drama queen, she try to climb the stairs and then fall, then walk with one leg up making sad faces. Every morning my mom wake up first, so she will be like running and licking leg and rolling on floor, my mom always said to her, yes I know you are hungry, don’t dramatize it and she make rotis or rotla(with Bajra) pour ghee on it and then she eat. You see she don’t eat cold food. Royal one.

There was once a traveling monkey came to my house, every year there is few monkey visit our village, and they are as big as teenage boy. Now it was her first time. Monkey was sitting on the wall of terrace and she goes to the terrace and bark. Monkey tries to slap her but she was fast. In the end that big monkey pooped and peed and run away and she came down,  exhausted, walking  like drunken and vomit. She doesn’t know when to stop barking.

She loved dhokla and boiled Corn. Even when my mom was cocking it she smells it and start barking. My mom always gave her the first one. She was foodie you know. She love cakes and all the fancy stuff, as a dog we always feared what if she kills bird and eat but it was happened only once and she didn’t eat that.

She love going out, we used to take walk for miles, we twice take her to Diu, and she loved the sand and ocean. She also loves to stand on seat and look behind. She never grows after a foot.

She was loyal, and furious when she needed to be. Me and my brother used to tease her, when she started to get angry and show teeth we put our palm in her mouth. She never bit it, she calm down instantly and start licking my hand.

In 2006 or 07, I don’t remember the day, I came from my classes at evening, and I heard my sister crying. I saw my mom’s eyes teary and my father upset. She was no more. Apparently it was stomach bug. I didn’t believe, I touch her, I poke her, I call her name, she didn’t move. I sat down near her and try to pamper her but she didn’t wake up.

We buried her with respect as much as a human.

After that my mom said no to any pet. She was too much heart broken. Dogs have limited life. They came to our world and make us happy. No matter we beat them or be angry on them they always came to us smiling. I will never forget all those moments I spend with her, she was my best friend and my partner in crime. She was not from high breed, she was just a street dog with royal attitude.

Now every time I see a street dog I go to them and pamper them, give them some attention. Feed them. No matter how angry a dog can be I can calm them down easily. I never been feard from gangs of dogs.if you have a dog then you are the luckiest person. Hug them cause they won’t stay with you forever.

With this 26th post on my atoz challenge, I realize how precious life can be, how foolishly we spend it. I began this journey to my find old self. But I think I lost him on the day my zanzi died. So love your self and don’t let your zanzi go, hold on to them.
And please adopt a street dog.