Robert Downey Jr’s Twitter profile says,You know who I am. It is so simple but yet so powerful, it’s show the simplicity and huge fan power. But I will not talk about him here, well it’s my blog.

If you have read my blog from the beginning, you would start to feel now you know me better, well you just scratch the surface.

I have anger management issues, I loss temper easily, it’s not like I hit every one but I just lost my sense of thinking. It’s like hulk said in Avengers, that’s my secret, I am always angry. The burning rage, but I have to keep calm, lots of people depending on me to be calm.

I easily get bored, nothing in this world which make focus on one single thing for a while. I get distracted and then move ahead, lots and lots of stories stayed unfinished and then lost.its like my mind and my self work on different level of speed, my mind is running on lighting speed and I was not.

I don’t get emotional much, its like I reprogram my emotions and now I feel nothing, not so true but in many ways. Like few days ago, I accidentally cut my self, then I bump in to table, then I slipped on the hard surface. Trust me it’s hurt like hell but just after all those things happened, I forgot the pain and started working what I was doing. Like it was never happened. There is no place for pain in my life.

I was fragile, so soft that even ant bite make me wine for few hours. Scolding by parents, bullied by classmates, disappointed by my life, I know what real pain feel like.but pain and fear are not real, it’s choice we make.

It’s same philosophy as in the matrix movie, you know that gravity is a real thing, it’s basic rule of physics, but it doesn’t mean you have to believe in it. Forget the rule and you will start flying.

Forget the pain and nothing can hurt you.

And it’s just a surface, I have layers which have layers. A mask inside a mask. And I don’t let anyone inside it. It’s make people vulnerable, But I do believe in love. I have found one and I will hold on to it no matter what.

You will think maybe I ran out of stories, that’s why all this philosophical chit chat I am doing, nope, zed is coming and I have been waiting for the z for a long time. It’s just when people messed with me, I feel like, do you even know who I am? How far I can go? But hey it’s good to be trolled, cause there are actual people who are afraid of you and jealous of you.