First let me confirm, I am not suicidal, it’s about story of my friend (and my x crush) which also includes me. 

So in one fine afternoon, I was sleeping at my hostel, because it was friendship day celebration at college and no one will attend class so there is no need to get up and do stuff. But then I got a text.

Where are you?

I am at hostel, sleeping, why? I asked her.

You need to come here right right now OK.

I ask again why?

She message me that she need to tell her mom that her boyfriend is a good person and all that.

I was like really, I mean I got humongous crush on her, I was waiting for her to break up with him( like she always does every two months) and she wants my help to convince her mom that her boyfriend is good person.

Now first, he was not a good person, but as you know girls always attracted to bad boys and they used them and break up, I try to make her understand but she just won’t listen, so I thought let the time make her understand and then she throws this bomb on me.

Now her mom knows that I am good guy, that’s why she needs me, it’s because she need something for me that’s why she message, otherwise I was nobody to her. I again said no to her and went back to sleep, cause I love sleep more.

15 minutes later I got few texts from her, she said, I have bottle of cold drinks in my hand and I mix poison in it, if you won’t come I will drink and die.

I immediately reply her, now what would you do in that situation, you will tell her no don’t do that, you call her and say I am coming. Try to console her. Make her understand that it’s wrong.that’s what normal people do, but you don’t know her like I do, so I text her back.
Please drink and die, let me sleep.

So cold-blooded am I? How can a decent human being do that to another? Are you mad? You are already hating me aren’t you? But it was the right move.

So I wake up in evening, I check my mobile, no text from her, so I messaged her, are you dead yet?

And after few minutes she replied,

You are a bad person, I hate you don’t text me ever.

Now you wondering what happened, my friend let me tell you how I deducted that, she maybe drink cold drinks but there is no poison in it, because she said I have poison in it and gave it away, if it was real then she would be specific about it that what kind of poison it was, but she just wants it to be dramatic that’s why she said poison.

Before that she told me you are the only person who can help me with my mom and all those buttering. If you want help then you just ask for it sincerely, if the matter was serious then she won’t act like soap opera actress. And girls always have best friend who is female and whom theirs parents trust and let them go with them. She doesn’t need me, but when her other friends won’t help her because that guy was bad, she came to me.

You see, girls are always a drama queen, they make the issue seems like so big that you get your whole attention in too it, you lost your arm, it’s ok she wipes her memory card and it’s most important thing then national secret. She will make it look like you are important for her but the minutes her work is over, she will throw you out like fly from tea.

I am not a cold-blooded sociopath, I am just good at reading people, from their behavior, from their voices even from their text. Because I have been fooled and cheated so many times. Either you learn from your mistake or you will be cheated again.