There is a line in Gujarati poem, which says, missed aim is acceptable, but not aiming low. Means if you try and failed, it’s fine but not aiming for excellence, or higher goal is unacceptable.

I don’t quite remember when did I started writing, I remember I was little, I watched lion king cartoon and then it struck me, we have lion too, why don’t write an Indian version of lion king. And it was vacation time, I found all those last year’s used book of my brother and sister, tear all the remaining blank pages of it, clipped them together and start writing.

I used to sit whole afternoon and write, 30 to 40 pages every day, for 5 days. Ofcourse that time I was little so my attention span was short and then I started playing video game and forgot about it.

One day my brother found those pages and read, he goes to my mom and say, who write this? I already told my mom the whole story so she say it was me. He was so surprised, that his little brother can write and write that much.

I don’t have any magnum opus of my writing, yet. But I do believe that if I can enjoy my writing, if it’s give me goosebumps and make my cry, if I can enjoy my own writing every time I read, then I don’t need to worry about anyone’s opinion.

Yes, I had problems with grammars, and spelling mistakes, if you had seen my handwriting, you won’t be able to read. My teacher used to cut my marks for bad hand writing. I am lazy a little bit that’s all.

Is my writing is bad? I know it’s not up to the mark, but it’s not that bad.i like fiction, so I write fiction, this atoz was totally non-fiction, based on my life. And I have written very few post like this so I thought let’s try this and have a little fun.

Writing is work of precision, it’s about expressing your self, it’s like being Devils advocate and still managed to look spotless. You need to be harry Houdini and Harry Potter at the same time. Reader must believe that it’s not total fiction but little probable truth in it.