Yes it sounds mouth full and little tongue Twister, but it’s my village name.
It’s not a big village or not any particular way unique, but after all is where I spend my childhood so it’s my favorite palace in the world.
Population around 4000, almost every cast of people live there happily, I have so many good memories of that place I cannot begin to elaborate.

The Best thing about it was its hospitality, I was little and I used to room around my house, anywhere I go people invite me in, sit beside me and talk and listen to my foolish blabber. If it was lunchtime then won’t let me go without eating.
That time we don’t have mobile, even telephone came many years later, me and my school friend used to play games which today’s generation won’t even hear of.

One of them was “khilla khutamni” it’s like a sharp rode, not so sharp but pointy, we throw it down on mud or soft wet soil, and aim for it. And the wooden spinning top, we play hours and hours with that. And marble was best time pass.
It would be shocking to you but when I was in school, parents used to came to teacher and say, please beat my child if he doesn’t learn well. I was like they hate him that much but after many years I understand. It was their love, they want a bright future for their children which they will never have.
We have amazing high school, it was so famous that almost every student around the village came there to study. It was most cherished year of my life.

And the greenery was beyond words, I love to walk and I take walk every morning and evening thru those farms.

It’s like gods own backyard. And people are so generous that they invite you in, give you cold water from well and any seasonal fruit. Once a farmer give us more than five kilos of mangoes to me and my friend, after we eat as much as we can.

People won’t believe when I say I was from village, the way I talk or walk or behave, I look like metro city boy but I will always be a villager. We always need to remember our roots, so that we can be humble in our victory.