​Field was set, every player was in position, here come the opening best man and it’s me(yeahhh me me me), both of the team player cheering me, even that shepherd with a single Buffalo and other spectator (people who don’t get to play turn out to be spectator cum coach cum commentators). I was walking towards my place, wielding my bat like a two face sword, jumping in confidence. I stand there and look at the fielding position (like I was going to hit six on first ball).

Here comes the bowler, taking short run and throwing the ball at speed of 100km per hour, it was tennis ball so it feels like 150, I was watching the ball, it lands on the middle of the pitch, I straighten my back and ready to hit it out of the ground and……

Oh shit, it landed on my face, right between the eye and on the nose, breaking my glasses and nose too. And it was pin dropped silence in the ground, they are thinking the same what I was thinking, what will my dad say?

You see I was not worried about pain or blood, I was worried about the glasses, what I will tell at home? If I told them I was hit by ball then my father would have beat the shit out of that person, that’s why that 6 foot tall guy was shivering.

It was tragic in so many ways, I was just 10 when I started playing there, and I was youngest, other boys were like married with two kids or 10 year older than me, I was bywiki for 2 years, mean standing behind wicket keeper and collecting the ball when he was chewing tobacco or being lazy. Then at the boundary, I was running back and forth. Finally, after 3.5 year I was giving opportunity to open for my team, otherwise they will played us for 4 balls with underarm bowling.

We have a big ground, it was a place where all the farmer gather their corps so British collector came and dived it by 70-30. Now it’s just a play ground, some time in middle of the game, the herd of cows and Buffalo came running so we sit, we used to call it Amul milk ad. After their departure we collect the dung and clean the pitch and start the game.

I was really good at cricket, despite being fat, spinning ball like Shane Warne, hitting huge sizes like shehwag. Even when I was 5 year old, my brother and his friends couldn’t get me out (and if they do I cheat and play again).

Last time I play in the big ground was in 12th STD, I was not so popular back then, but when I started batting, every one cheer for me. Now and then I play gali cricket but I like the big ground.

Yesterday was Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday, the legend whom we camper to God.it’s my tribute to him, cause every boy always feel the same once in his life like Sachin did every time.cause every champion was once an underdog who refused to give up.(I actually never opened again but it’s a good moral of the story right?)