Atmosphere was intense, two boys sitting opposite of each other staring down on the chess board. It was qualifying match, 1 spot, two boys.

The board is almost empty, one has only a king and other one has pawn and rock, it’s look like easy win for him.

Not so fast boy.

Yes as you imagine, it was me with the only piece, a king. My king was running for his life, every other move was check and possibly mate.

Now if you don’t know what is chess, it’s ok, read it for amusement and gain little knowledge of game of wit.

So I was stuck and he was cornering me. And at one move, I was surrounded, no where to move. Now there is rule in chess, if the opposite player’s king have no where to move then it’s a draw. And its good news for me cause I was 0.5 point ahead of him. I jump and cheer and he was still looking at board, surprised, how his luck cheated him.

And then I was unstoppable, our team came second in tournament, we went to other city and win. I change my collage, and started chess club. Girls came to me and ask me to teach them.

I was in jamngar and I didn’t tell anyone that I knew chess that much. One boy came to me and say, let me teach you how to play chess, I demolished him in back-to-back game and then told him how much I know.

Then I lead my team to another tournament, I lost in semifinals, it was so stupid, I never played after that.

When I was little, I played chess with my brother and father, they let me win sometimes, later my brother played his best game and after end of his vacation it was 50-2, I lost 50 game and win only two. But I was persistence. After many years when I win against my brother, he told me. You defeat your brother, now you know how to play chess, and it was the only reason I played chess, just for one compliment from my brother.

So it’s ok to loss thousands time, it’s ok to loss ten thousand more. Because one day you know every move you don’t need to play to win.