You must have seen in movies, old house, lots of room, secret passage, secret doors. What if I tell you, I had lived in one for 15 years of my life.

As I told you before, first 15 years of my life I spend at my village near gir forest and my home was biggest and tallest of grandmother used to say, people from around 7 villages can see our house.

It’s 3 storey building, and total of 15 rooms, 6 rooms are so big that my class room were smaller than that. The main door was around 10 fit tall and same width. It was made of wood and very heavy with lots of carving.

Look alot like this but square

That house was around 100 year old, most of made out like regular houses but wood was used in exceptional way. And it was made in old Victorian English style. There was two very big and old swings in the house. Made out of heavy wood and look like park bench. The chain that hold that swing was in brass and it was not a single chain, but pieces of chain so that you can assemble it.

Almost the same

The second floor had only one room, but it was big with lots of windows and a balcony. There was life-size statue of Radha Krishna craved on the outside of one wall.

We have little garden and little swing in the middle of it and then there is old was once used for people who later lived in the big house, then as stable for horses and cow. Don’t think it as small house, it was bigger than most of 2 BHK flats now days. And yes we have big coconut tree in that garden which never produced any coconut.

After that, there was big step well inside our house, abandoned now, surrounded by tall grass and two bathrooms and toilet and one place for washing clothes. There was a time when whole village came to that step well for water. And there was another big door, actually it was back door. And it was giant made out of wood.

Square one, not round.

Another special things about the house was, we have secret passage under the house, I have been told that many years ago, bandit regularly came and kill people, so they made a little room and underneath there was passage joined by another big house. And we have so many cupboards, it was wood. And they have secret compartment. I had found many of them but still there are many yet to discover.

Lots of hurricanes and earthquake passed but it’s still standing, little damage but still amazing. I am so frustrated when I wanted to write about my house cause I don’t have any pictures of it. But you just have to trust me on it.

They say people built house, but I would say that house has built me. Rocks are solid but can be broken easily, wood is dependable. That’s why we have a big wooden beam to support the whole house. Be the wood, get chopped down but still stronger.