Cobra, mean the snake. The bad ass of all snakes in India, most dangerous and poisonous of all here. And I miss it. Crazy right? Let me elaborate.
As I told you before, we lived near gir forest, and snake just love to visit us often. From my early days of childhood, one thing I remember the most is snake.

In the house, in garden, on tree, in little holes in ground, everywhere. My mom used to think there must be a connection between me and those snake cause most of the time, I spot them first.

Now, I am very curious person, if I see anything suspicious, I go and check it by my self, so there is numbers of time I had touch the snake, and when it moves, without panicking, I move little backwards, go to mom and tell her. 
Somehow, I love watching them. I forgot to include them in my nightmares post, but I did have nightmares about snake, like snakes everywhere and normal people would be freak out, but I enjoyed that dream.

People who died because of snake bite, 90% of time it’s their fault, snake is very shy thing. But if you disturb them, well you know what happens.
There was a time in monsoon, when I pick something up in garden, like my school bag and I see dozens of little snake sleeping under it, so I just take it slowly, collect them and on newspaper and release them outside, I was probably 10 or 11.

The last encounter I had with snake was 3 years ago, I was walking back to home, at around 12 midnight, and my colleague was with me, and suddenly he stopped me and flash light the path, there was little snake on the road, if he hadn’t stop me, I maybe footed on it and get bitten, funny thing is, on the same night earlier, I had seen a big fat long snake, probably 6 to 7 feet long.

I am not stupidly brave but I am just lucky, that after touching so many snakes I am still alive, don’t you ever do that. If you find it at your home then call the snake guy, just don’t kill them. In India, we worship snakes, but people just need to get their frustration out and that poor little snake caught in middle of it. Don’t ever kill them.

It reminds me of a song, that song in my way will be like, I am here without you snakey, but we are still together in my dreams.

I caught this one many years ago in my home, later i release it