Pinakin, its name of the person who is writing this post. Now you must be thinking why he is writing a blog post on his name. Because my friend, every name has a story to tell.

The origin.

When I was born, it was my grandmother who insisted to name me, so she chose the name Pinakin. Actually she thought of naming me “pinakpani” but thank god, she didn’t.

The definition.

The original name “pinakpani” mean one who hold bow name Pinak, it’s actually one of many names of lord shiva, the same bow lord Rama broke in order to marry sitaji. Yes lots of ancient history in it.


I have been suffering my whole life with it, people find this name amusing but don’t know how to say it, so after many years one of my friend told me, hey your name is like that one of star wars guy, Anakin Skywalker. And I was like yes, finally. So you can say it like Anakin with PI. Pee-na-keen like this, yes it’s weird.

Deliberate misinterpretation

Who wants to make fun of me, doesn’t need to go far away and search reason, my name is enough. Making funny name out of it is so easy then finding my mistake. Few of them make it so vulgar that I can’t even share. Now I just don’t care.


My family and my cousin and my aunties and uncles who is closely related call me “pinu” my few friends too. Most of the teacher call me by my surname. My one ex called me pumpkin cause I also look like one and one special friend call me piku, yes like the movie. One interesting fact, my school friend met me after many years, and he ask me, hey you have put wrong name in your Facebook, I say no it’s Pinakin. So he say no your name is pinatin right? For so many years I thought he maybe has problem speaking my name and he thought it was my actual name.

Remember the name.

Why? Because I believe, in my heart, that one day, every one will know my name. I don’t  know how and when I will be famous, but I know I will. So at that time, you will be like one of few who actually know how to say it.

Because the person who said, what’s in a name? He writes his name below