Ordinary with “extra” silent – #ATOZCHALLENGE

Pin dropped silence in hall, just a few Whispers among the students, betting, when he will stammer? When he will stop speaking so we laugh. Maybe half the population assume the same.

That boy came to the stage, he saw every one, his friends and every one else who is just waiting for him to make mistake and then he leaves, conquering the crowd. In his two year in that school it was second time everyone claps for someone in daily prayers where students have to explain a wise qoute.

It was 2006 maybe, that boy was just introduced to internet, that time it was yahoo messenger was like Twitter. So he started to chat with a Thai girl. That girl said, why so many typos? Don’t you know English? He said no, girl said then go and learn English first.

That boy ended up speaking and reading it so good, that he can complete a whole novel, size of 1000+ pages in few hours. He can speak confidently that everyone think he studies his whole life in English medium and be able to write in this atoz challenge.

So moral of the story, don’t judge people from their inception. I was born and study in little school from a little village, in Gujarati medium. I stammer thru my high-school. I am not extraordinary, I am just ordinary person, with little extra silent in the beginning.


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