I was standing there, eyes at the floor, my father asked, did you break that? I just move my head and say no. He asked again and I say no.

Few days later, my father was shaving and I stand there, 10 feet away, and I said I broke that phone few days ago. He asked why? I said I didn’t want to break at, I just wanted to make it smell good, so I pour whole after shave bottle in it so the person on the other side can also smell it. And my father laughed, later on he told everyone and everybody laugh. How innovative I think and end up breaking things. I was not even 10 year old.

Then I was 6 or 7 year old, my family visited my relatives, there was an uncle, very old, as old as my grandfather. He instantly falls in love with my cuteness. He sits beside me on swing, it was big one, with plate of rice and curd, which was my favorite and let me watch whatever I wanted to watch on TV. It was a horror TV show and one hideous figure came in the screen, I just say, you look like him, thank God he didn’t listen and my mom change the topic.

Actually I thought if you tell people that they look like person on TV, it would be a compliment. But I didn’t know when and whom. We still laugh on that incident.

I was stupid when I was a kid. Like too much innocent and naive. If people asked me anything, I will tell them. They would give me chocolate and ask me about what happening in my family. Those people are also my relatives or neighbors, just nosy.

My few cousins, most of city kids, are cunningly smart, they make fun out of me a lot. Broke things and blame it on me. I was stupid so I can’t out smart them, but I am glad that I was stupid and didn’t loss my innocence.

Cause now, after so many years, when I look back, I am happy that I didn’t hurt anyone, bully anyone, make fun out of people. I was good kid. And I am happy about that. But for the record, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and you damn make sure that you find the deepest hole in the ground, because I will find you and I will make you regret it. Cause I am not that kid anymore.