Was it sound of wind blowing, touching and kissing the leaf and move away swiftly leaving him dancing around on its own branches or it’s her voice?

Was it smell of the first rain, hitting the ground and making wild love to the soil or it’s her’s ?

Was it the dark clouds, swimming in the blue ocean, shadowing the sun and shining like a dew drop or it’s her hair?

I will never know, you know why? Cause I am deeply, madly, crazily in love with her. Yes my girl is not a fictional character, but rather a beautiful soul who can even make word “beautiful” go and find its superior synonyms.

After two relationship, which is long one and unfortunately with heart breaking ending, only an insane man can think of falling in love again. Trust me when I say, it’s hard to confess my love to her but it was harder to even think about loving her.

But she was wild spirit, an untamed unearthly, unbelievable person, cute as anything you can think of, beautiful beyond my words and I was surprised that she liked me too.

It’s like we both had crush on each other and then I was her best friend (I am still now), and telling her that I love her mean losing her forever, I was in the friend zone.

But I tell her, and she said yes. Not easily though but finally I get the girl I love.

They say nice guy don’t get the girl,

They say once you are in a friend zone you be always in it.

They say sentiment is a chemical defects found on the losing side(Sherlock said that).

But there is always someone who can gravity defying, who say, hey you can fly, you just need to believe in it. And so did I.