Don’t look bewildered, it’s just some fancy word for being confused. This story based on true event.

I was in the college, and there was a beautiful girl in my class, now I also have girl friend but she was different. She was so fashionable and modern, like she is far ahead of all the surrounding girls.
At first, I also thought she is beautiful but her behavior changed my perception.

She has ego size of the north pole. Always full of her self. Like she didn’t even count us as a human. She always has people around her who praise her like goddess, yes she was spoiled rich.

From deviant art

I don’t like a bit of it. I always try to be normal around her, do not give her much of attention, because that’s what all she needed. If she ever talks to me, I will reply her with same attitude she uses.
At one time, she wasn’t present in the class and our professor was not in a mood to teach us, so she said let’s play truth and dare. She will ask each and every student truth and dare and then so forth.

When it was my turn, she asked, with little mischief, whom do you like the most in girls from this class? I was confused, I look at my ex girlfriend (she wasn’t my girlfriend then) and hesitate, professor got the reason, it was wrong question.

She said OK as a sister, whom do you want as your sister? Without even blinking, I told her name, the girl with ego. Whole class taken aback. He chooses the most beautiful girl as a sister. I know why I did it, so I smile.

From deviant art

After few day on Friendship day, we accidentally bump in each other. She was with all of her friends at that time. She asked me point-blank, why did you choose me as your sister? It was the biggest insult to her from her point of view.

I didn’t say anything, but after she insists, I simply said. OK you don’t want to be sister, then what else you want to be with me? It’s like do you want to be my girlfriend. And she shocked, speechless, everyone around us laughed. She just been become butt of joke.

After that, I got her respect and no ego around me. So moral of the story is if you want teach someone a lesson, take away one thing they seek the most, in her case it was attention towards her beauty, when I made her my sister, she became furious that how can someone refuses to see her beauty and reject to be her friends. I was different.