The teacher slap him and hit him so hard, he fell down from the stairs. And I was standing there smiling, my lips were making an arch as much as it can spread.

One and half year ago from that incident, I was new in town, just completed 10th and join in a new school for 11th science, new people, new school, that’s made me nervous and I became introvert. That one and half year was worst part of my life. And that guy who I m just talking about is the reason behind it, he bullied me whole time.

I am peaceful person, I don’t engaged in fight, I am not that handsome and a fight will make my face even more hideous. So I didn’t defend my self from him, he broke my favourite lunch box, he make fun of me in front of entire class, I didn’t utter a word, I just wait and wait untill karma get my revenge.

I believe in God, infact, I believe in every God, I grew up listening of stories of each and every religion. I believe in a higher power who always watch over me, if I get hurt, maybe it’s because he had other plans for me but in my heart I always know, that person who hurt me won’t get away from it, he will be punished 10 time harder and it happens every single time.

You see karma has way of doing things, if someone hurt you and you hurt them back, eventually karma will get you, because you interrupt his work, you don’t need to do anything, karma will do it for you.

Karma is a Jason Bourne my friend, he has way of working, he won’t let injustice happen, if you are right then karma will be always in your side. He will hit them hard in place, in time, they won’t ready to take those hit.

Bad thing about karma is, you cannot control it, if someone hurts you and that someone is close to you or your family, they won’t be go unpunished .yes that happened with me too.

So right now, there is bully in Twitter who is harrassing me and few other good people, at first I was mad as hell but then I remembered, be calm and patient my friend, cause karma will find him and make him pay for all his sin.

They say karma is a bitch, I would say, boy because you are on the wrong side of it.