Not all those who wander are lost.

  –  J. R. R.Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings.

I am a wanderer, I don’t like to stay in cubicle or office or at home, I could just go away in the unknown and find my way back.

My father love going out and he love to take whole family with him, we own a car and we have gone so far that only few man, bold enough to went in a car.and he drive Only him self. That’s how I wanted to feel.

When I was little, I go on the walk with my little dog(I will tell you about that dog on last day), kilometres and kilometres without looking at watch.then I got my bicycle, and I am a free bird, I used to cycle to nearest town which was 12km and other was 7 km away, daily. People from my village used to get stunned by watching me so far away from home, cause I was “Big man” you know.

Then there was once I traveled by train at night with my friend, it was spontaneous decision, we were talking about it at 10 and hop on the train at 12am midnight, it was one the scariest travel I did. Train was full, no space for even air, I was last to aboard and I was standing at the edge of train door on the second step of it, and then it’s rain, my hand was slipping but somehow I managed to hold on for 4 hours. Ofcourse we had lots of fun, with little money.

One of my biggest adventure was walking for 50+km, yup 50km. It was some festival, and people walk to that temple in dvarka. My friend came and told me, he said let’s go, and I was ready without thinking it for a second, we pack our bag next day  go for it.

We walk and walk on the highway, then in night too, there are literally thousands of people on the road, both side. Every two kilometres, there was a camp for food and to rest, then in midnight we were alone, and tired don’t know where to go, few others found us and guide us to nearest camp, it was through the jungle, road was messed up, we were tripping because of dark and we were tired, finally we found the camp and sleep after 1am, at 4, it was big speaker with load music wake us up and we started walking again.

Next day I was exhausted, after 4 pm afternoon I told my friend, this is it, I cannot move ahead one step and I sleep at nearest camp, after evening I walk little more and find a bus to that temple.

We head back together, I walk 50, he walked 100 but we both tired as hell, we sleeped whole day and our body ached for a week.

I used to walk around town anywhere I go, without direction, I just go and go and when I feel like I am lost, I find another way. It was way before Google map. Now I just walk around in same town. I am albatross, life can’t cage me at one place. There is issue because of money, I don’t know the meaning of savings you know. But one day, I just want left everything behind and walk, like that guy in, “in to the wild”.

I want to be lost, no mobile no communication, no worries. Cause after you lost, only then you found yourself.