I am no one, it’s a matter of fact a fact.

I don’t possess money or a statue or any superpower.
I am just a simple human being with extraordinary problems.i have been struggling my whole life and it’s just doesn’t seem like ending very soon.
But after all this year, few of things I am proud of, like I have freeky general knowledge, you ask anything and I will answer it as much as I know. I mean anything.

I am good at chess, not a great one but I am proud of it, play a game with me and judge, maybe I will loss but I will give a hell of fight.

I am good company, you can pour your heart out.So many people had share so many secret with me.i was there best friend at one point.

I am a writer, yes not so good one but I am happy with my self. People don’t just read what I write and that’s my dear is not my problem.

I maybe no one but you have to believe in something, what you believe, you become that. I am an underdog, I am anonymous, I am just another person from the crowd but I will be someone cause I know it, I am a legend.