If you had read my previous blog on atoz challenge, you should have known till now that, it’s not about that story of Sherlock Holmes.its a metaphor. But in a way it’s an accurate one.

From deviant art

Let me take you to the place, I often visit,It’s dark, any man can stumbled upon this path, and flounder to remain in the path, but let me assure you, you don’t wanna go down that road, it’s raining, hardly visible, you see a humanly figure emerging from far away, steadily moving towards you and just when you think, you can greet him, he run and try to bite you, yes he was a zombie, welcome to my nightmare.

I am getting nightmares from childhood, and now I am getting used to it, at first I was so frightened, I used to pee in my bed, but ofcourse I was very little back then, then I started writing at age of 9 or 10, all this gory things came to my dreams, is now my inspiration.i write about it.

Then I realised, hey, you don’t need to be afraid, it’s just a nightmare, I remember explicitly that I tried harder to control my fear in many many nightmares, but I just couldn’t, because they are so real and believable that I flaw with them. It’s not anyone’s fault you know, at age of 7, I read the Dracula and many books like that so it was matter of time, they arrived to visit me.

In my teenage years, I simply understand that I have to be strong enough to make my self believe that it’s just a dream and I need to wake up from it, pinching my self to jolting myself.i had tried everything, but it was like a maze, more I tried to escape, more complicated it becomes.

Finally, I surrender, for a better reason, why waking up when you can experience something out of the world. I don’t try to control my dream anymore, I just be in it and let me take anywhere it want. From zombies to world war, falling from sky to drowning underwater. I had so vivid nightmares that I feel like I was in advanture.

One time, I saw a dream, I was running, actually catching up to someone, and it was big godown, when I finally catch him, both on the floor, I see a big truck, tearing up the wall, falling down on the ground in slow motion, it was terrifying at first but to experience it, was awesome.

So never be afraid of your nightmares, let it enjoy so much, that nightmares turn in to a wonderful dream.

From deviant art