All the beauty in the world,

Nature’s own playground,

Indulging in pleasure,

More precious then any gold,

I sit here and enjoy my own little heaven.

Gir, it’s actually gir forest, in Gujarat, home of Asiatic lion.There is something about forest, you can mark territory, country or anything,With wall and fence, but you cannot lock a forest, it’s like seed under tarmac,It will crack his way up no matter what.
I was born near gir forest, actual forest was little far away but as I told, you cannot Stop a forest or its inhabitants, I was there for first 15 years of my life, and they are The most amazing one.
So story started like this, once my father and someone else drove to Junagadh via The forest, in middle of it group of lion, which called pride, was sitting in the middle of The road, my father stop his car, and waited, you cannot force the king of jungle to move away, and suddenly he picked his camera, slowly open the door and took pictures of it,It was not as easy as it sound when you see a real lion, and they were less then a dozen.
Unfortunately, the camera roll was messed up and we never get a chance to look at those Pictures or experience it, so my father, wake us all up in early morning, and drove around that place every other week, we are not so lucky.
But I have seen them, roaming in the forest, no care in the world, like a king,They are not vicious animals, they just don’t like being bothered.

In the night, when there is calmness in the atmosphere, no wind blowing, so cold,that no skin out of the blanket is out, you could hear them roar or growl.
I loved walking and trekking in to the jungle, be with the nature, feel the grass, feel the clean air, silence and voices from far away from wild animals. cool shades of  Big old trees by the road, touching water from the river, it’s like it’s whole new world.
I miss those days, I miss my gir, lions maybe somewhat a amazing animals for you, But for us it was just some noicey neighbours.