​Before WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, before ancient orkut, there was something called Yahoo messenger, this story begins from there.

I got pen-pal from there, then we shifted to email.in those four years I have send her hundreds of email, and I can simply said those emails was my biggest creation of all time.

So much love, friendship, understanding, warmth in it, we could literally see each other and talk each by those emails.

Another one was my pen pal, she was my friend for 7 years, and we talk on email till 7 years then she share her number with me. Well that didn’t end well.

My point was, there is whole new universe in those email, it’s like letter writing, and we all know, letter writing is extinct art, which goes on sideline because of professional emails and all this apps.

But I think, if you really love someone, or they are your best friend, do write them letters or emails, cause that way you can explain to them your true feelings by word,

And you must have know, words can express so much better than reality.

So I have enjoyed and cherish my little infinity in those emails, whether they still talk to me or not, in those emails, we are still together.