​It was velentains day, we were sitting in a Domino’s pizza, it was our tradition. We were both single, and people around us celebrating, why don’t we.

We took some selfie, eat the cheapest pizza and Sprite, just then a group of girls walk in. Now, we are so focused on eating we didn’t realise they were sitting just next us on a table.

Now, let me be clear, I have never talk a girl first, never have been approached to anyone, first they came to me and then we start talking, but never ever I, stalk a girl in my life. I am shy and single, but not desperate and pervert.

But that evening, one of the girl remind me of someone I know dearly, my X, face and the physic, my friend caught me watching her and ask me to go and talk to her. I didn’t do it. Cause that’s not who I am, right?

But somehow, we waited till they complete eating, and then when they walking out, we follow them from distance, my friend encourage me to go and talk, I just couldn’t gather the will to talk.

When she walk away from Domino’s, I followed that group, then I rushed, and gone ahead of them and slow down, when they passing ahead of me, I just looked at her and said, you just look like my ex.
One of her friends, came forward and said, go away, I told her, I m not talking to you sister, I just stare at her, I know deep inside me that I leave quite an impression on her, but then I feel, no it’s not right, she shouldn’t be thinking I am a good guy. So I change my face and stare mischievously and walk away.

That day and till today, I never ever did something like that. I know now days, eve teaser and stalker are shown to be a bad guy but I was not one of them. But I make her bealive that I am a bad person so she won’t remember me.

Moral of the story, if you want to do something go and do it, but don’t let them leave and live with bad memories

Pics from Google