So cavalry is a basically armed forced whom been called when things to go out of hands.

Well I love just love this kind of words. But yes it has to do with this post too so don’t worry.

Let me take back to you to my 10th standard classroom, there is spelling competition going, like spelling antakshri, they say a word and spell it, we have to find a word from the last letter and spell it.our  teacher split our class in two, one side was girls with few boys, because they are few, but don’t let the number fools you, they are brilliant with spelling, they are among the top 10 student, and other half was US boys, not like minded individual, but hey we have got some juice too.


First I want to tell you, my brother was studied in the same school and I remember him talk about this, he was a brilliant student, with any subject, specially this kind of things, also our English teacher, he is a good guy but he give us homework a lot, write down a single word ten time everyday from the chapter.So this competition is kind of educational.


Yes we won that round, apart from 80%  my half sting and not doing anything, we won. And next day we challenge the class 11th class for this, now inter class competition is healthy but they are like professional in this, we are like bunch of armature in front of them, someone said it or I saw it in a ad, take someone bigger then you and take them down, that’s how you find out your true potential. Our teacher warn us, he told us, they don’t just win, they humiliate the opposition and break their back. We are prepared.


I assign each student with a single alphabet and we started to count the days, finally the D-day came.We make a plan to give them words ending with x, and we all know from dictionary, there are not so much words which started with x, this class 11, is known for the word Y, they give so much words ending with Y, we ran out of, but better strike first right?


And its began, they try to throw us Y and we give them X, its happen for first 15 minute, but my comrades are lazy as pig, and they started to block us in a corner, I was sitting quietly, like nothing happen, but when my team ran out of words, whole class was silent, they are giggling and making jokes, teacher give us 30 second to find out.


Move aside boys, cavalry will take it from here, I stand and give them reply, they throw another Y, I reply them with Y, they are a team and I was only one, one by one they give me hardest alphabet to find and I reply them calmly but firmly a new Y word.


Finally they ran out of words from starting Y, the genius who rule the game has finally defeated, our sir proudly pronounce us the winner, soon the whole school knew about it. Its look like I dramatize a bit but it’s the whole truth. I was someone who walk in to any room and become the smartest guy in there.

I am searching him right now, and that’s the only reason for me to take this challenge.

Cavalry over and out.