Life is to much short for the big problems, and yet we plan ahead, like they say

Man made plans and god laugh.

Yes I was one of them, but I was stupid, its ok to be stupid one time, but again and again,Then your naïve and retarded.


Once I had crush on this girl in my college, I didn’t talk to her at first, yes I afraid to talk to girls,Even in college, but then things started to change, I was brilliant, and girls notices me.She started talking to me.


There is one thing you need to understand about me, is when you started talking to me and I want your attention, you will be my friend and fan in no time, and that happen with her too, she became my friend, its was “sms” era so one day she grabbed my phone and call herself, in front of whole college,She acted like she was my girl friend, and then we chat till midnight, get regular call, that was good time.


You know I look smart and intelligent, but when it comes to beautiful girls, somehow I always messed up. I waited too long to ask her and she got herself a boy friend,  its ok I guess. But then years later,When I talked to her in face book (after getting block and unblock more than dozen times), I told her how I felt about her.Then she told me something, which I will never forget my whole life, she told me that you were just a good friend, how could you even think that you have chance to be with me. Have you look at your self in the mirror? it was like striping off a Band-Aid from an old unhealed wound.


So yes, learn a lesson from this guys, don’t be such a moron, don’t let them take you for granted.if you like her go and tell her, if she care about only your looks then its doesn’t matter how much beautiful she is, she is not right for you. Right now I have got someone who love me. Eventually good guys do get girl.But need to wait for the right one.