I was walking on the road near gadhediya field (they used to gather there to sell donkey, that’s why the name) and I heard short-circuit sound and then it’s like lighting strike, wire from the electric poll just cut loss and then from another poll to next one.
It was like straight from the movie eagle eye, I heard Tyre scratching, people yelling and running, I was just stand there dumbstruck, that live wire landed just front of me.i remember my heart was like piston of Ferrari. Just dumb luck.
Then strange thing started to happen, every night when I walk back to my room, one certain street light, just went off, and it’s not just co incidence, its happen 10 out of 8 time, at my hometown too, in Jamnagar also.

It’s must be foolish to think I have superpower to switch off light, it’s just faulty government supply. I am just happy I survived that live wire, it’s just my luck or there is grand plan and universe Conspire to save me? Will see, soon.