​​Everything we do, no matter how valuable it’s is or stupid, in the end it’s fun part we remember the most, also something out of the box happened with us or around us.
Whenever I think back in my past, I feel like I didn’t quite achieve anything yet, not a scholar, not a sport man nor anything memorable.
But when I heard about this atoz challenge, the first thing came to my mind was, strange things and incident in my life. And trust me, I can come up with 2 or 3 but 26, boy oh boy it’s really hard.
But I don’t want to just remember all those things, I want to live it again, I want claims my old self again. Yes he was stupid, but he was innocent too.
It’s like this is last 26 attempt to find myself again.
I will try to write it as it happens or try to alter the ending so no one knows it’s truth or not, after all it’s writing, I can write multiple past.
Have fun reading it.