13 ways to spend this velentains day for a single.

Are you single?

This is the question, must be most asked in the 21st century. As per the movie social networks, it was the reason behind Facebook success.but what happens if you are still single and also on Valentine’s day?

One of the worst thing anyone can ever imagine. But worry not, there is always a bright side in darkest hours.

Here is some way you can be happy and entertain yourself thru your singleness.

  1. Stay away from negativity, sign out from Facebook, Twitter, Insta or any place where you can see the love messages and couple pictures during the valentines day, you don’t need that kind of negative things in your life.

  2. Make yourself busy, go around the city, check the https://allevents.in for any event in your city, I bet you will find some of it interesting.

  3. Read books, yup it’s the best time killer and also you will gain something from it, don’t own a book and too lazy to go out, download matrubharti e-book app on play store.some of the best writers original work here.

  4. Watch movies, you will thank God for being single when you enjoy nonstop movies, tired of movies? Watch Netflix, web series, I will assume that you must have jio SIM or WiFi, so download it, trust me some of them are so great you forget to check time.

  5. Plan a solo trip. Yes, why not, after all, traveling is fun.go to nearest fun place or just wander around.you will fill rejuvenate after that.

  6. Do you live alone in your own flat?Or have a friend who is just like you, a single? Great organize a moviethone, watch the star wars or any other movies together with your friends.let spread the joy of being single.

  7. When everything fails, call your mom, ask her about her day, what’s new? And time fly by in a matter of hours, if it’s possible, visit her. After all, she won’t judge you and you are the whole world for her.

  8. You are a foodie or not, eating is the best healer for single, every city has its own “khau gali” and you must have heard about it, visit it tonight, eat everything you want without worries of gaining weight.

  9. Find the highest point in your city, mountain or a building, go there and be in peace. There is whole new world there.

  10. Do you love dogs? Is there any chance your neighbor will give you his dog for a day? If yes then take it, spend a day with a dog.walk him, feed him, bath him. Like Dhoni said, he won’t matter if you are successful or not, he will love you wholeheartedly.

  11. Play cricket, yes why not? You will find people who play every hour of the day playing cricket. Be nice and play with them, or watch them play, cheer or boo them.

  12. Work out, oh no no no, there is no excuse for it, remember, you are single but you don’t want to be single forever. And when you start working out, it will be like an addiction. Hours and hours in the gym, who knows you might get lucky there.

  13. Self-grooming. Make yourself handsome, not for showing off or for anyone else. But a handsome and well-groomed person is more confident than others.go to shopping, buy clothes and hair gel and perfumes. Grow a beard and take care of it.

So after doing all this, you still think, being single sucks, then let me tell you the truth, yes it’s hurt but there is lots of perk of being single.

You need to love yourself as you are, and about true love, so it will come in its own time.try to enjoy it, accept it and have fun with it. Cause once you lose it, you won’t get it without paying the price.


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