​Looking it so closely, like a detective,

Looking it so deeply, like thousand year old menu script,

Looking it so curiously, like a little boy.

Looking at it so passionately, like a lover.
I keep running around it, like I am in a maze,

Surrounded with history, of people without face.

I jump, and I hop, in a hope that it will get better,

But mystery is within it, my curiosity chained me in that matter.
I am a monster, and that’s my diet.

I am a dragon, and that’s my knight.

I am that ship, on brinks of wrecking, and that’s my light house.

With it, I am rich as a king, without it, I am as poor as church mouse.
Your the only constant in my life,

The livings were variable,

You are the only one, who understands me,

My friends make me miserable.

Ohh my books, I am your old lover,

I am passionate about your every curve and cover.

The smell and the touch,

The words and stories,

The feeling and emotions,

I am drowning in it so much.

I wanna be lost in it,

In the land of adventure,

In beautiful fairy tale,

Or fight with furious monster.
The writer in me get envious,

But I learned for the best,

To be the Victorias.