“His gym teacher told me that when he’s the captain
of a team, he first picks the kids who normally get picked last.”

I read this post on Facebook and my heart melt. Remember the time in
school when you pick out last, it was the worst feeling ever and if your team lost, it’s you whom people blame.

And when you read the comments below, from kid who always picks you
lastly thank you, why you weren’t there in my time, please become
president of USA, he is a hero and all the comment which boost him, its
feels so good.


It reminds me of my childhood, I always picked last in any games, which
make me sad like I am a burden for the team, so I try harder and harder and
improve my game so then I become a person who chooses player and I had to
admit, I was damn bias, I picked my friends first and then the weakest. Sometimes  happens that my friends are the weakest and I am
leading a team which could never win.

So I motivate them, in cricket or kabbadi, its like world cup team
against gali team. But I shout and shout like we are the winner.

sometimes we win, most of the time we losses. But it’s had great
effect cause next time when we are picking a player, the opposite
captain picked my former team player who was the last picker.

But talking about this page, Humans of New York, trust me this page
will make your day and make you smile.It’s like my daily dose of happiness and gives me the power to push harder and staying strong.

Normal human being with normal problems but the extraordinary will to face
it. A photo and 2 or 3 line give a strong message than any motivational books.

It’s like few lines from movie or books but said by real people.
Sometimes it’s sad stories, confession, and sometimes its struggle
stories and overcome and joy of little things, how they are proud of
their daughters and sons.

do follow the website


And on the Facebook page with the same name and on the twitter follow the

man behind the lens-Brandon Stanton, hell of a guy must say.


“You’ve got hundreds of Facebook friend requests, your phone’s
incandescent with text messages, and you’ve got countless emails from
complete strangers telling you how they admire your style or sympathise with
what you’re going through – but you weren’t on the X Factor, nor were
you picture falling out of a black cab with a Swedish prince. No, your picture was
simply taken by New Yorker Brandon Stanton and uploaded onto his blog.”

– the independent