Are you paying attention?
If you not listening carefully you will miss things, important things
and I will not repeat it and you will not interrupt me. So you are sitting
on your sofa or chair or at anywhere and you would think that you are in control.

No, I am in control. What I am about to say will bounce off your big pumpkin head

but I will say it anywhere cause I am talking about “the imitation game”


Alan Turing is a mathematician who’s in quest to solve the world
greatest puzzle, the impossible one. The enigma and the movie is about
how he struggle to solve that puzzle and also trying to solve human
behaviour which of course he failed.

Germany was wining, as no one can solve enigma. Its not about the
secret messages, even a school boy with AM radio can captured it. But
it was encrypted with enigma which have 159 million million million
combination, and with ten men try to do it, it will take 20 million
years to solved it, but they don’t have time. Cause they are not
racing against human, they are racing against clock cause Britain is
starving and German shooting ships which carrying bread to Britain.

I have to tell you that I am a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch from
Sherlock and after long time, he was in big screen sharing maximum
amount of time and that’s why it was selected in Oscar.

A loner, narcissistic, genius he reminds me each and every way of
Sherlock. But he was great in his own way. But everyone hate Alan Because

he is different. While he was in high-school, boys buried him inside wooden floor, but when he stop shouting they all gone because

“Do you know why people like violence?
It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying.
But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes… hollow.”


Everything changes when a girl came, who solved problem in shorter
time then him, he teach him to act nicely to his Colleague because he
will not gain anything by being an arse.

But he can’t love her because he is homosexual or say “gay”. Today we
can speak freely but it was 1940s when in England it was crime.
There was a moment when they finally solve enigma but they cannot
react on it otherwise German will know and change it and there was
attack going to happen on passenger convoy in which one of the
mathematician brother stationed. It was so inhuman but its not about

saving a person or a ship, its about saving whole nation.
So when war is over, he and his machine “Christopher” whom he named
after his high school friend whom he loved, was at peace when burglary
happen at his house which changes everything.

Alan Turing was found guilty of trying homosexuality and give him a
choice of 2 year in jail or changing his desire to from men to woman.
He lost all his genius in that medication and suicide in 1954.

His machine, they called it Turing machine and now we call it computer.
Just because he was different, people force him to be the same,
because of his effort, he saved around 14 million people and 2 years
of war.

I have watched it and I loved it. So I hope you are not that big
pumpkin head and will watch it.

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no  one can imagine.” -Alan Turing