“When I think of my wife I always think of her head. I picture

cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brains, trying to get

answers. The primal questions of any marriage. What

are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other?”

The first lines of the movie, made you think about something. But

behold the super suspense my friends cause this movie is a roller

coster ride of your guess.

So a man's wife is disappear and every one think he killed her, the

police, the people and the media. He had affair with a college student

so its a good motive to get rid of your wife and when we find out that

she finance all his expenses and he just raised her insurance. Well he

is guilty right? I will leave you here to think.

Brilliant acting, I must admit and for oscar, well you just have to

wait for them to give it for many category.

After many days I watch a movie which fools me, yes it will make you

fool even if you are hell of smart.

Small things do matters and that what this movie made of. Small thing

which we don't notice and think that other will also do the same. Why

this happen to them, cutest couple, madly in love for each other. Well

educated and writers. What changes them. The Marriage change It all.

So when two smart people married and marriage didn't work out at all,

they will leave each others. But what about cheating. Did he need to

be punished? Yes of course, so one super smart wife try to punish her

husband “hang till the death” how far she can go or before she punish

him, is he killed her?

No evidence means no one is guilty right?

This movie teach me few things like

1) Never cheat on your wife, if she gone mad, soon you will gone mad too.

2) Two smart people can create wonderful world for them selves or they

can make each other life miserable as hell.

3) Watch the movie not for ending because some time it will make you

crazy to know what happen next when directors name appear.

4) If you make a perfect plan, don't be lazy otherwise you'll be

trapped and you have to ruin your first plan to get new plan work.

So watch this movie, strictly for adults(like teenager get time out

from fb and come here lol!) And I will assure you, you will bang your

hand to the wall for this amazing mysteries to solved.