It was night,  preciously say midnight. Everyone  sleeping inside the
house, but not one, the mother of all girls and a boy. After Few days
one of girl is going to be married and all the gold and things are
inside the house so how could a mother sleep if husband is not at

Suddenly she hears footstep around the house, she knew what’s coming,
the burglars sniff that lots of gold in the house and worse is that
man of the house is not around.

Now if it’s just about money or gold then I can say the woman will
sacrifice for their safety but house full of girls is serious issue.
So what she will do. Now I am talking about 40 or 45 year ago time
when no telephone or cell phone are available. So how can she defend
her self and family.

Now the man, husband of the woman is had seen things and made
precaution. He had two barrel rifle at home, but right now he is not

The hush is now clearly noise around the house, all children are awake
and shaking with fear, the mother knows that its time. She grabs the
two barrel rifle, put bullet inside, open a window and fire at sky.

Bang bang..

She again put bullet inside and fire, thieves think that man of the
house is already inside, and they already retreating from there.

The husband had taught her wife how to use rifle, but it was the
mother who is brave and save everyone in the house.

Its not a fiction story, cause the woman who fire the rifle is my grandmother.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, but one thing I learn
from this true story, woman whom we think as fragile, weak, and all
the words we use it to show pity on them, are totally wrong. If they
decide to give you their heart, they will do everything for you, but

if they decide to break your bones, well, you better run when you see
them coming.

They don’t need your respect out of responsibility, they will earn it.
As for me girls are always great competitor in study, I hate them in
school as I always get second rank. It shows that they are ready to
beat you in any field.