Let me first clear two things.

1) If you don't like cursing with F words and blood and gayish thing,

don't watch it.

2) There is nothing wrong with this movie, if you watch it open minded.

So here is the story of a man who interview people, celebrity most of

and get juicy information about it, cheap TRP tricks. Like eminem is a

gay(no he is not in really life, ricky martin is)

And there was another one who direct the show.

After the 10year of show with an incident they both decided to

interview some one really, so they can be noticed and called the

really interviewer.

the problem is kim jong un is dictator and they must get interview

with him as he like the show and big fan of it and problem with the

movie, same guy is alive in north Korea and they don't like it all,

that's why they hack sony and all.

And there comes the twist, CIA want these both guy to kill kim jong to

end dictatorship there and also there is imminent fear of nuke which

he have.

I thought it was like frost/nixon movie and yes some how they “killed”

him that way but it was not. Totally nut up job. No sense and story.

So if you love gangs of vasaypur type of movie with lots of cursing

and gun blazing, watch it.

The most controversial movie of 2014, which may trigger war. But like

in PK, nothing wrong with it, it shows the reality of a dictator.

I think it will not release in india, and if its does, you will hear

lots and lots of “beep” like beep him dude, what the beep you are

talking about, let that beep beep show who we are and all, so it will

ruin all fun. Strictly for adults only ok.

“They hate us because they ain't us”