He close the the door and looked, its sunday morning and everyone is

busy enjoying they day off but that person suited in black, take his

car and went off to a place he rounded in news paper.not for any

interview off course.

Few people were outside the house, wearing same black as he, looks

like someone died. He walks in, find the mother of person who is dead,

give his condolence, saying good deeds of his son, give her shoulder

to cry and then walk out without eating. The mother ask his son's

friends who's that guy but no one seems to know. With wonder and amuse

she bid farewell to someone who make her feel like his own son.

As he walk in calmly and walk out swiftly, sitting in his car, find

his news paper and find another address and drive there, where people

are standing out side the house wearing same black as him. Mourning

for some one.

There was photo in news paper today, she picks up the paper and try to

recognize him, he looks similar to a person whom she meet years ago.

She think for a while and then start crying.

Next morning, lots of people gathered there, with different religion,

different skin color and different country where they born, no one

seems to know each other but every one knows the person who died.

The old lady ask few who's that man, and what he does and all, but no

one knows about him, still they are attending his funeral. Because one

thing is same between all this person, when they lost someone they

love, this guy was there to give 'em solace and peace. He act as their

family and never eat. He was family of each and every one standing

there. Not by blood but by bond.

The priest spoke:” as we gather today to say good by to this good man,

I look unto each eyes which filled with tear and sorrow, I know no one

here is his family as I know him, he was an orphan, but what he did

was act of god. He reach out for people who lost their loved one and

make them part of his family.he is member of family of each and every

one standing here. While we enjoy our sunday he makes his day count by

give peace to the heartbroken, he never attend church on sunday, and i

don't blame him for not having faith in god, cause god send his own

child to this earth for other people. May he find heaven and above, as

he filled holes in our heart.”

Every one goes home, but the old lady still stand there, front of his

tombstone. Seems like she talking to him directly,”you were not

superstar, or singer or a great person who is billionaire, but you are

someone who give us strength, now who's going to do it, on whom

shoulder I cry for you.”

A hand reach to her shoulder, she looks back, a young man with beard

and long hair, with nerdy spec looking at her, she doesn't recognize

him, but he just hug that old lady, and all her tears and pain fade

away, he walk her to the taxi and say good bye. She look last time at

her when he remove his spec and she saw the calm and deep eyes of his.

It was troubling her cause she don't know who's he but she knows the

eyes. She reached home and find the paper, and ends of it, she finds

the man who died donate each his organ to people in need.

Yes he is gone, but part him of will live forever.