What you think is doesn’t matter nether what happen to you or how upset and disturb you are,
Just don’t be boring
I’ve talk to a person, for my problems and worries
He said he could fix anything or maybe you can say I was desperate
But after he solves my problems, he behaves like he own me…
You get me Mr. Holms “he own me”
I realize that he is pure evil, he is the smartest person I’ve ever meet
  He waited for a moment and start again so Mr. Holmes  will you….
Its Mr. Kerr right?
You have strange choice in colors when it comes to wear it but today you give up that to wear pretty decent cloths, but old habits are die hard
I don’t ..
And your hair, recently colored in black… because you have different color hair before
And your face…
What about it?
I am talking about the scare you expertly try to hide it with make up… you should know that this thing doesn’t work on me..
Its little odd to go in public with horrible face.
But its not battle scare judging it from you, cause of your height and physical build you would not be selected
Its not my lifelong dream  to join army…
So what is it..little domestic goes wild and you don’t want to admit that some woman did that to you
Mr. Holms if you want to chitchat about my scare then I have to excuse my self cause I have bigger problems in my plate right now. that man is making my life upside down and I didn’t even reach to his throat.
Then why didn’t you go to the police, why to a consulting detective who can’t even assure your safety
 How can I complain about a man with no face, I have trust a sweet voice on the phone which had power to disappear  my every single problem, what proof I have to give police… they will thought I am mad
What’s his name?
I’ll take the case Mr. Kerr
I must admit you have surprised me…
And I know you will not admit that you have missed me
You shoot your self.. I saw it.. you shoot your brain out
And this is coming from a man who survived a fall but I know dear Sherlock that you wont ask me how I did it..
Maybe some other time..
So what bring this lovely reunion?
Your business with Mr. Kerr , it took me 2 years and almost my life to dismantle your crime web but you let a fly escape from it..it is very ordinary from you James
Whose u say? Mr. Kerr? I didn’t know him
Of course you know him, you blackmail him after doing his dirty work, come on we are not playing newly wed couple fight huh
When I say I didn’t know him then I MEAN IT he shouted
Ohh what a love..  it moist my eyes, well  not the emotion but your childish behavior . a voice came out from nowhere but it sound familiar
Sherlock don’t mind if I ask, is it you said Mr. Kerr?
I believe so
Sherlock I know I am your arch enemy but today, in this moment we have to work together
What you talking about
This man is capable of killing both of us, so think of an escape route now and I will owe you my life to you
Ohh I can see lovely firework, which takes two smartest person to the sky. Its echo again
Oh my god, its wired with C4 all around
Who are you? I mean apart from Mr. Kerr
My name is jo, and I bear the scare which the last thing you’ll see in this life time
Jo? Sherlock try to think about it
You don’t get it you idiot..connect the both name
Ohh…sherlock got it.. and he shout
What you want with us?
Your life, obviously
Why us?
I heard you both are good, I heard you both are amazing in whatever you do, but you are both on the opposite side. This is a test you have to pass together. So Mr. Holms and Mr. moriarty  I tell you some interesting fact about this test
 There are two exist and both are wired
There is no window
Don’t try to break the wall or it will break it all
In the next five minute, there will be a fog of tear gas and DJ surround sound in here to test your mind in worst situation
In 15 minute I will push the trigger which cause a amazing fire work and doom of your life
Its rat trap which need an evil mind and angel mind to break
So let it begin
And a loud music starts, both Sherlock and moriarty looked at each other