He was the quitter by nature,only one in breed of hounds
Quitting while you ahead,is not the same when eyes staring around
He was a lamb in pack of wolf, with severing silver sword and sweating with heads down
Mumbling and praying,crying with cowardly on stallion where he found
 Armour of bravery and weight of greatness thrust on his shoulder  
There is no one to guide that arjun and fear makes him drunken old
A leader with lack of motive,like cannon without gun powder
Army look at him,and he’s finding way to running out
And a motionless body rusting thru the crowd, on a horse he learn to climb and ride around
He was siting next to it,blood all over his hand,his sin returns to visite him
Like a virgin girl,for the first blood to make her woman, and have the  pleasure
That’s the same blood, in his veins and make him cold blooded exterminator
Why do men feel they can justify death? Is it arrogance?
Or underestimate the revenge is unforgivable ignorance
And a lion stretching out from lamb
His roar echoes in the woods and spread
Today we will not kill them,we will drown them in river of Acheron
We will break ever bones and suck ever soul with the pig on the throne
He was a quitter by nature,not from the heart
He was the knight among all brave hearts
river of Acheron-river of hell which  separate  living from the dead