i walk through an empty road in early morning.
dry leaf are on the road and few are flying with the cold wind.

its not often that i woke up early and walk around the woods,but from the last few days…this trees and this road is my companion.i talk to them loudly until my throat are hurt.i walk and walk until i get tired.i didn’t shave from last couple of weeks so i get beard on my face.i cry whole night and upset whole day just because of that girl.

i thought that love is  like curve-less smile,a silent whisper,an invisible tear,a non rhythmic heartbeat,a motion less hug and a sweetest flying kiss.

i thought i am in love with her and she too,but i am wrong.love is not when two people talk all night on rubbish thing and still say that it was best conversation.love is not when you hold her hand in front of all to feel proud(and to show off)

all are just bull shit yar.she is a witch who drink thousands of rupees coffee in CCD from my wallet.hundreds of movies and tons of pop corn.i wasting my millions of gallon of petrol and west many on colorful love letter and pens.flowers and choclet.put my reputation on the edge i borrow money from friends and take her to 5 star candle light dinner.one thing is true my friends…girls are size zero but eat more that sumo.

now what will i tell to my friends whom i show you as a world cup trophy and my mom start watching
“SAS-BAHU” serial after i talk about you,you ruin her dream to rule on you.what will i told to my little brother who waiting for you to get him a girl.

but i still in love with her so deeply that…

and my phone ring,ohh i don’t believe she calling,my face turn read of happiness and..

“what the hell you want from me now huh,you want to drink my blood or eat me??
don’t you ever call me againe and give me back my mobile(oh,i forgot about all the mobile recharges and night and sms pack i did for her).i don’t want you in my life anymore..i dump you now…”

“o hello, i dump you first,how..”

“shut up you bit….”
and she cut the call

i stop at the barber shop and i came out with brand new hairstyle and clean shave

walk through the street and i show a girl, i down my sun glass a little and say..

“hey baby,you looks familiar…are you on fb or something??””