Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you its only seed—–westlife,the rose
well well well another person who write abt love huh
u people dont get any other subject to write here
why u all write abt same subject all the time huh
 i know u all think it at first sight of the blog but its not(repeat,ITS NOT)

first of noone write the feeling of love as he/she feel,not even some great writer
not even Shakespeare write it,not even Michelangelo can create it
પ્રેમ! આ શબ્દ ક્યાંક સાંભળેલો  છે.
હા જરૂર ક્યારેક કોઈ મિત્ર પાસે કે પછી કોઈ ફિલ્મ માં
કયારક કોઈ સમસ આવ્યો હશે અને નહિ તો ચેતન ભગત ની બૂક માં કે જય વસાવડા ના અર્તીકાલ માં અનુભવ્યો હશે નહિ?
ક્યારેક તો આવી ફિલિંગ થાયજ હસેને ?
love have no definition to describe.its just the thing that u feel.a hot line connection between two heart which never breakdown.
every ones are fallen love in there life.look around my friend,everything u see,everything u feel is deeply in love.
sun is fallen love with that some time he hide behind it like a man hide his face in her loves hair.
night is fallen love with day.the biggest love story is in there.the pain of being apart with love.
 they never ever meet from day earth is live.still they are in love.
some time in evening when day left the land and night is coming with soft leg.without even a whisper they meet each other.they lost in each other.and then they hug and red rose woman cheek the sky become  reddish.its called “sandhya khili”.when day and night meet at the horizon the world is witness of they love.
and when night say goodbye to us that time day comes to her and say look that star(dhurv no taro)
our love is like that.that time night is break in to tear,the tear is fallen to the earth and thats we called fog.we cant see propraly when we crying and thats why day is foggy and reducing visibility.
still day is wait for that day when they are together but we all know it will never happen but day have a hope.
a hope that this painfull time is gone and day and night comes together like two lover lost in love.
love find each other no matter how far they are,how much distans between them,whether millions mile comes across they gona together one day.challenging our society and life that  you do whatever  u can,but u cant change our destiny.
love is sweetest  pain that make u smile and biggest happiness that make u cry.
ohhh the feeling is unimaginable.its like…..uhmmmm like……
how i tell  u yar………………
but one thing i”ll  tell u,never break the lovable heart coz that pain is bigger than anything.

at last
प्यार हे इस दील को आपसे
धडकता हे sirf आपके लीये
आपको सायद न पताहो पर
इस धडकनों में आपका नाम हे बसा
दूर हो तो क्या हुवा,हम तो पास ही हे आपके
सायद सामने नहीं हे पर दील में जक्ये जरा हम वहा रहते हे

love,prem,pyar,la amor,ahava.ia. what ever u write meaning is not change.

love is song of is when u smiling just thinking of them,love is when u feel pain of them,love is more than a word is a saga of two soul.
what i write more about it,maybe millions words are less for it.
i just know one thing fallen in love my friend and then just wait and watch.