be urself bcz i m watching u

okkk no comments for long time now i have to delet it,just wait for few more minte and then……

after some time
hey one comment is here lets chek it

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GOD_almighty said……….

hi pinakin
you write good here,i read ur writing from very beginning,yes since u write ur first poem and ur first story
but if to be honestly said abt ur writing in this blog,not good,not good at all
yes u try good but its not u who write here
i know the pinakin who write poem and stores in split of second and that writing is fantastic
bcz u write it from ur heart my son,u always do what ur heart says right?
and here ur writing to get people attention to u,u want that people praise u,say good word like wah wah
bcz u read some very nice blog of ur friend and if i use specific word u jealous from them yes i knw that
i know every thing my son,u used to be a very kind person,bhlolobhalo pinu this is wht people said to u
i know life gives u somany difficulty but u always waiting for good time
the word “patience” is ur friend
u always wait whether its love,succes,money,friends anything in ur life
u wait 15 year for ur first bicycle  hahaha
i just want to say one thing u always write for ur self and that creation is always be a masterpiece
when u write from the heart its touch others heart and then people like it

i read it with my google eyes,who is that person who know somuch about me,no it cant be any of my friend who is he,i continue reading……..
i m not ur friend who do prank with u,but i m much closer to u if u recognize me
i m the one who always with u in ur happines and the bad time when u alone
u always talk to me when u siting in the balconey and lookin to the sky
u think that i m live up there
if u want to see me dont lookup in the endless sky
look down to ur heart a most diificult thing i ever made

its nahhhhhh its not,but may be its god!!!!wtf opss
no its something else how it could be ,i just thinking it and then cybercafe owner came and says
sir are u done with ur work?
no i m not why u askin?
bcz sir its powercut?
from when?
maybe from 10 minite
but i read my blo…… and i looked to the screen it black
is it him???????????????????????


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