northern light is just a myth in past year.northern lights is river of light which can be see in northpoll or that side.but i m not gona write here that science stuff.
well people write in there blog abt there life and some interesting thing happen in there life,if u think i write the same then sorry dude ur wrong.i m pinakin joshi,20 year old boy from mahuva,study bsc and computer course.i fallen love with girl but its very hard to describe my love story here bcz its tooooo complected.there are nothing much intresiting happen in my life which i can write here and enterten u.
so why i write this blog?well its a good question.past is unchangeable,present!!!well its just going on the same ways but future is unknown.and unknown thing is always intresting right?
“jis chiz ke bare me app nahi jante use apke dar lagta he”i herd this from a hollywood dubed movie.
wait a minit i m not gona write here abt my future bhi nahi janta ke kal kya hoga.
so wht the hell i gona write here?i know ur impatience to know abt it and also being bore.
u know the meaning of imagination???yes i asking u my friend dont look around.
the only thing that i do with my mind.just imagine my friend and u feel that ur in new world.
world that u always saw in ur that u always want to live.the world which can be move by ur thinking.
yes imagination is great thing which u can feel when u watching a movie or reading a novel.
i write here abt my imagination my dream my northern light which cant be copy bcz its here in my mind.just wait for something unexpected.